BPS-04B Bus Reversing Sensor System

BPS-04B Bus Reversing Sensor System

Application: Bus, Coach, Commercial Vehicles
4 digital sensors
digital transmission

Safety and convenience are of paramount importance to most drivers when they are maneuvering their vehicles. Parking sensors have nothing to do with how bad or good a driver you are. All of us experience situations where we just cannot see. Some people are injured after being struck or run over by a vehicle that is backing out from a driveway. Accidents and scrapes cost quite some money to repair or recover. The BPS-04B parking sensor system offers a perfect solution for buses and trucks with poor collision detection or rear-view visibility.


> Long detection distance: 0.3-4 meters

(detection distance can be as far as 6,and 8 meters, to be customized)

>Step-up sound frequency: closer and quicker  

( 2 alarming modes: intermittent BEEP when above 0.5 meters, and quick BEEP when at or below 0.5 meters)

>Volume adjustable

>High reliability and sensitivity

>Sensitivity adjustable (high/low)

> Water-proof design

>Digital system to minimize signal interference


>Rated Voltage:12V/24V

>Rated Current:200MA

>Working Temperature: -35°C-+85°C

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